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Yoni Steaming Ritual

self love ritual

  • 30 min
  • 65 Bermudian dollars
  • Ephemeral Heaven 43 tribe Road No 3 Southampton

Service Description

Immerse yourself in the sacred Yoni Steam Ritual and Healing Womb Meditation. Begin with a warm, herbal-infused yoni steam, allowing the gentle heat and aromatic herbs to cleanse and rejuvenate your womb and vaginal area, with a soothing Healing Womb Meditation, guiding you into deep relaxation and connection with your inner feminine essence, balancing hormones and easing menstrual discomfort. This powerful combination promotes overall feminine wellness, emotional healing, and profound inner peace. Yoni steaming, i.e. Vaginal steaming, is a self-health practice to restore health and balance your physical feminine cycles, ease the transition through life phases, unlock the intimate magic of your womb, and release toxic emotions such as stress, tension and stagnation. A yoni steam is the practice of sitting over a steaming pot of water infused with medicinal herbs. Using the healing power of plants and warmth to restore balance to our feminine cycles in all life stages. The herb infused steam supports our bodies in the natural release of that which does not serve our optimal health, while connecting us to our inner womb. Many different herbs are used to support and heal our feminine cycles and stages of life. A initial consultation will be given to identify which special selective herbs will be used.

Contact Details

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