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Corporate Wellbeing & Work Place Wellness 

Providing Health Your company Needs

Happy Staff Productive Team

Provide a nourishing team building experience for your staff while increasing the sense of peace and fulfilment in your workplace. Our Exclusive sessions are an effortless space of deep release- a beautiful, non-verbal experience for teams to reconnect and re-harmonize with each other. We can visit your workplace to provide a corporate wellbeing treat, or be part of a larger event to bring a space of nourishment and togetherness.

People ask “How do I escape the seemingly inevitable reality of disconnection and stress, and their effects on my body, without giving up the ability to be successful and productive?”

"The answer is to become fluent in both the world of work and stress, but to also reclaim our natural state of aliveness and pleasure."


  • Eases anxiety and promotes relaxation

  • Opens channels for creativity + inspiration to flow

  • Creates meaningful connections from the shared experience

  • Releases tension from the body

  • Resets the nervous system

  • Reharmonizes group dynamics

  • Increases deep listening and strengthens communication

  • Enhances focus, presence and mindfulness

  • Creates more fulfilment while improving productivity

  • Supports very deep sleep and increased energy in the day.


Sound Bathing

Melt stress and feel like pure heaven in this immersive, full-body listening experience Bringing balance, relaxation, and a sense of calm to your whole being. While receiving hands on intuitive healing to clear away heavy mental & emotional energy.

5 to 12 participants
Starting at  $400

Wild Women Release

Re wild your senses as we engage with movement, and sensory exploration to increase aliveness and sensuality, and with that, pleasure in the body.

5 to 20 participants
Starting at  $200
beautiful shamanic girl playing on shaman frame drum in the nature..jpg
group of business colleagues meditating at work, sitting on the floor. modern, business, m

Burnt out Yoga

Re energize your whole body & mind, create clarity with this deep seated yoga practice

45 min
5 to 20 participants
Starting at  $100
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