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Luna Staff

Passionate Leaders

DR Bianca Komansky

Owner of Luna Holistic wellness

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Dr Metaphysician PHD, Bachelor's Psychotherapy, NGH Hypnotherapist, Yhandi Inner Child Rescue  practitioner.

Chakra yoga International certified. School Yoga Institute Breathwork & Shamanism  certification, Reiki Master, Divine Women Embodiment Certification.

Greetings, I'm Bianca, and my passion lies in nurturing a profound sense of belonging within each of us.

For over 24 years, I have dedicated my life to the healing arts in their myriad forms. From integrated and functional medicine to facilitating ceremonies and nurturing the mind-body-soul connection, my journey has been one of exploration, growth, and deepening understanding.

My mission is to help empower women and men alike to transmute their pain, shed limiting beliefs, and embrace the inherent magic within them. Through this transformative process, they awaken to their sacred purpose and manifest life's brimming with empowerment. I use healing modalities

which focuses on preventing illness, proactive lifestyle changes, healing the body naturally and restoring balance to assist in reversing and preventing disease.

"We were never meant to walk this journey alone."

Together, let's embark on a soulful journey crafted specifically for you—a journey that is raw, wild, sacred, and deeply rooted. Let's revel in the beauty of life in all its magnificent forms.

Through a range of offerings, spanning from community ceremonies to intimate one-on-one journeys, let us awaken together!

Carla Edwards

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Intuitive Healer

Carla is a extremely gifted sensitive healer. She finds joy and healing in her offerings through the positive and often profound connection and energy exchange between herself and her clients. Carla truly cares about others. She always invites her clients to receive her treatments with an open heart and open mind, facilitating the healing process to occur naturally with compassion and trust.

Through embarking on her own healing journey, she began to study natural medicine & alternative healing practices which were instrumental in her healing and recovery. She now dedicates her own energies as a intuitive healer & Reiki practitioner to share this healing experience with others. 

Carla offers Energy healings, Intuitive readings , Reiki, Sound healing  and is a facilitator to women's Cacao Ceremony's. Her sessions help you to remove obstacles and connect more fully with your intuition, creativity, wisdom and joy.

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