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Womb Massage Therapy

Fertility, Menopause, Cycle discomforts etc

  • 1 h
  • 130 Bermudian dollars
  • Ephemeral Heaven 43 tribe Road No 3 Southampton

Service Description

Womb massage is a non-invasive, gentle & yet deep massage covering the upper & lower abdomen, from the diaphragm to just above the pubic bone and the upper & lower back and glutes. Working over the conception vessel (Ren), the Mother Line, the lower chakras, & around the pelvic bowl. Gently massaging over the abdominal area of the reproductive and digestive systems to encourage hormonal balance, looking to improve whole-body balance to help with numerous conditions. This type of massage will help you to connect with your inner-woman, connecting your heart and the womb, that can be used at any stage of your life journey. Womb massage is a gentle but deeply moving therapy, in support of any gynecologic concerns you might have, such as PMS, painful periods, irregular periods, blood clots, amenorrhea or absence of period, lower back pain, endometriosis, adhesions, adenomyosis, painful intercourse, ovarian cyst, vaginitis and IBS. A nurturing womb massage benefits the body in numerous ways, including: Encourages displaced uterus to its optimal position Regulates menstrual cycle Alleviates painful menstruation and ovulation Increases circulation and promotes blood flow to the uterus Helps with stagnation and with detoxification of the body Helps with scar tissue Promotes relaxation and reduces stress Hormonal balance Relive from menopausal symptoms

Contact Details

  • 3000505

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