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Private Moon yoga

1 month yoga training

  • 1 h
  • 350 Bermudian dollars
  • Ephemeral Heaven 43 tribe Road No 3 Southampton

Service Description

Private moon cycle yoga training over the course of one month can be a deeply enriching and transformative experience tailored to honor the natural rhythms of the menstrual cycle. Here's an outline of what such a training program might entail: Week 1: Menstrual Phase (Reflect and Restore) Consultation and Intention Setting: Begin with a private consultation to understand the individual's menstrual cycle, health goals, and preferences. Restorative Yoga Practices: Gentle, restorative yoga poses to support relaxation and ease any discomfort experienced during menstruation. Breathwork and Meditation: Incorporate breathwork techniques and meditation practices to encourage introspection and reflection during this inward-focused phase. Nutritional Guidance: Offer guidance on nutrition and self-care practices that align with the needs of the menstrual phase. Week 2: Follicular Phase (Rejuvenate and Renew) Energizing Yoga Sequences: Dynamic and energizing yoga sequences to promote vitality and renewal as energy levels begin to rise. Strength and Flexibility: Focus on building strength and flexibility through targeted yoga poses and movements. Creative Expression: Encourage creative expression through yoga flow sequences that inspire exploration and playfulness. Mindfulness Practices: Introduce mindfulness techniques to cultivate awareness of the body and mind during this phase of renewal. Week 3: Ovulatory Phase (Empower and Expand) Empowering Yoga Practices: Engage in empowering yoga practices that honor the peak of energy and vitality during the ovulatory phase. Heart-Opening Poses: Explore heart-opening yoga poses to cultivate a sense of openness, connection, and expansion. Partner or Community Practices: Incorporate partner yoga or group practices to foster connection and community support. Self-Expression and Creativity: Encourage self-expression and creativity through movement, journaling, or other artistic outlets. Week 4: Luteal Phase (Nourish and Nurture) Gentle Yoga and Rest: Emphasize gentle yoga practices, yin yoga, or restorative poses to support relaxation and self-care during the premenstrual phase. Stress Reduction Techniques: Introduce stress reduction techniques such as yoga Nidra, guided relaxation, or aromatherapy to promote calmness and balance. Yoga for Hormonal Balance: Focus on yoga practices that support hormonal balance and alleviate symptoms commonly experienced during the luteal phase

Contact Details

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