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Priestess Training

1 year training. $999 Payment plans available

  • Started 3 Feb
  • From 174 Bermudian dollars
  • Ephemeral Heaven 43 tribe Road No 3 Southampton

Service Description

Priestess of Avalon Training Do you desire a deeper connection and confidence in your body, embracing trust in your emotions? Envision a life where you feel 1000% supported, held, and aligned with the feminine energies, as opposed to the fatigue and imbalance. Are you tired of feeling overworked, depleted, and worn out? What if you could experience being seen and empowered within a community of conscious women who share a vibe, understand each other, and collectively navigate breakthroughs? Embarking on the sacred journey to become a Priestess of Brighde is a profound and transformative commitment. Rooted in the rich tapestry of Celtic mythology and spirituality, this path beckons individuals to dive deep into the mysteries of Brighde, the revered goddess associated with healing, poetry, and the sacred flame. Personal rituals, prayers, and meditations, cultivate a profound connection with Brighde, weaving the threads of devotion into the fabric of your daily live. Embracing personal transformation, the Priestess of Brighde emerges as a beacon of inspiration, embodying the radiant light and nurturing energy of the goddess. Becoming a Priestess of Brighde is not merely a title; it is an ongoing dedication to the divine, a sacred dance with the energies of healing, inspiration, and transformation. Lesson one: Finding your Maiden self Lesson two: Awakening your Inner fire, reclaiming your power Lesson Three: Reuniting love and Shedding Skins Lesson Four: Unleashing the flow: Experiencing Brighdes waters. Summer Solstice Lesson Five: Exploring mother patterns and healing wounds Lesson Six: Your community creating a meditation practice Lesson Seven: Entering the darkness: Journeying with the wolf and between the worlds. Lesson Eight: Finding peace and stillness rest and surrender. Winter Solstice ceremony Your will receive a full course manual given over the year which will give you all the details of your journey for the month and seasons. Your will receive creative assignments to work with each season. Our gathering will be every 6 weeks for 2 hrs though the wheel of the year. We cant wait to come together and share this Ancient transformative knowledge with you. Payment plans are offered for this course of either 2 or 3 or 6 month plans

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